The BJP chief wrote a letter filled with letters written to PM Modi, mentioned, “There is not any diminished corruption, it’s ‘loot’

Senior Supreme Court advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay has expressed disappointment over the increase in corruption in the country. He has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) and demanded strong action.

New Delhi: India has not been able to join the top 20 countries in the fight against corruption. The BJP leader and senior advocate Ashwini Upadhyay wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) about this.

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Upadhyay has said that there is no shortage of corruption at the grassroots level in the country, the problems are all around problems. There is no inducement for the common people of the people who talk about the do’s happening. The general public can only benefit if corruption is reduced. With good ranking of the do’s ranking, traders may have some advantages in business, but not much profit. Because they have to pay the facilities for all their work as before. So, fighting against corruption can only benefit traders from general public. Read BJP leader Ashnishi Upadhyaya at six points.

Hello Prime Minister, Hello

  1. Due to bribery and commissioning of the roads, the roads are repeatedly breaking down, the government schools and hospitals are bad, the private schools and hospitals are plundering the public, illegal mining and illegal possession of government land are continuing, fake basis cards and fake ration cards are being made. Are being sent to jail and are exempted on criminal bail. The main reason for hoarding, adulteration, black marketing, tax breaks, human trafficking and delay in justice and the wrong decisions of the court is also a bribe. The root cause of separatism, fundamentalism, naxalism, illegal intrusion and stonework is corruption. If you look carefully, the root cause of our 50% problems is corruption, but nowadays, 100% of any corrupt person has been seized and not sentenced to life imprisonment.
  2. In the Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International, India has never been able to join the top 20 countries. If we look at the ranking of the last 20 years, we were 66th in 1998, 72nd in 1999, 69th in 2000, 71st in 2001 and 2002, 83rd in 2003, 90th place in 2004, 88th in 2005 At position, 70th place in 2006, 72th in 2007, 85th in 2008, 84th in 2009, 87th in 2010, 95th in 2011, 94th in 2012, 87th position in 2013 , 85th in 2014, 76th in 2015, 79th in 2016 Were in place and 81st in 2017. It is clear from the fact that there is no shortage of corruption at the grassroots level.
  3. In the Global Hunger Index, we ranked at 103rd place, 168th place in literacy rate, 133th in the World Happy Index, 130th place in the Human Development Index, 93th in the Social Progress Index, 134th in the Youth Development Index, 8th in the Homeless Index , At 124th place in the minimum wage, 43th place in the Quality of Life index, 51st in the Financial Development Index, at Rs. 66th in of Law Index, at 177 th place in the Environment Performance Index, 43 th place in terms of suicide, and the per capita GDP, we are at 139 th place. The main reason of India’s miserable situation in the international ranking is corruption. The problem of roti cloth houses, poverty starvation malnutrition problem and air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution are also the root cause of corruption and our anti-corruption laws are very poor and weak.
  4. We have police, crime branch, CBI, ED and income tax department. Even then, Rs 12 lakh crore in 2004-2004 and Rs 50 lakh crore in the last 70 years. There is no single police station, tahsil or district corruption free in the country and there is no such possibility. Not a single government department of the Central and State Government is such that it can be said with guarantee that it is free from corruption and now the Supreme Judge also publicly accepts corruption in the judiciary. There is also a question of asking questions in the Legislative Assembly taking potholes of money and money in the Parliament and no column of Indian democracy is free from corruption.
  5. Our anti-corruption laws are very weak compared to the US. There is no provision to seize 100% of the property and to give life imprisonment in any law, including the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Anonymous Act created in 1988 and the Money Laundering Act in 2002. The Indian Penal Code, made in 1860 by the British, was made in 1861, the Police Act, created in 1872, the Evidence Act, made in 1872, the Property Transfer Act, created in 1882, the General Clauses Act, created in 1897 and the Civil Procedure Code Is also applicable. Therefore, you are requested to review all the laws that are more than 25 years old; The Narco, Polygraph and Brain Mapping Tests of the offenders must be seized and seized 100% of those who own more than bribery, hoarders, adulterants, tax breaks, human smugglers, intoxicants, hawala traders and black money, benami property and income and give them life Instruct the concerned ministries to enact laws to impose imprisonment.
  6. You know that 80% Indians do not need a bigger note of Rs.100, and anyway now every household has at least one debit card, so to stop the corruption from the root, to stop notes bigger than Rs.100, To stop cash transactions of expensive items from Rs 10,000 and give necessary instructions to the concerned ministries for linking expensive items / properties with base from one lakh rupees. This will make the task of the Police, Crime Branch, CBI, ED and Income Tax Department very easy and ending with fundamentalism like fundamentalism, fundamentalism, Naxalism and stone-throwing along with bribery, hoarding, adulteration, tax break, human trafficking, black money, benami property Will be highly help in.

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