NFL playoffs section and calendar

Stay up with the latest with the NFL playoff section and calendar all through the postseason.

Special case round

Indianapolis Colts 21, Houston Texans 7

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Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys, Saturday, 8:15 (Fox)

Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, 1:05 (CBS)

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears, Sunday, 4:40 (NBC)

Divisional round

Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs, Jan. 12, 4:35 (NBC)

Bears, Seahawks or Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams, Jan. 12, 8:15 (Fox)

Chargers or Ravens at New England Patriots, Jan. 13, 1:05 (CBS)

Falcons, Seahawks or Cowboys at New Orleans Saints, Jan. 13, 4:40 (Fox)

Meeting titles

NFC finalists, Jan. 20, 3:05 (Fox)

AFC finalists, Jan. 20, 6:40 (CBS)

Super Bowl

AFC champion versus NFC champion in Atlanta, Feb. 3, 6:30 (CBS)

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