Finances 2019: What are the expectancies of farmers within the final yr with Modi Executive?

The Narendra Modi government has reached the last stop of its tenure and here its excuse is to do all such things and to say that the NDA government was formed once again in May 2019 under the leadership of BJP. In this exercise, the biggest challenge before the Modi government is to help that section of the voters without returning to power is not only difficult but also impossible.

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This is a section of farmers in the country. Farmers are awaiting doubling of income since 2014. In the General Election 2014, BJP promised to double the income of the farmers till 2022 and during the tenure of many years, many important steps have been taken to fulfill this commitment.

But in the current situation the farmers are not able to fulfill this promise nor during the current tenure, there is no bet on Modi government, so that the farmers’ votes can be understood as their bank. For this, where the central government policies are responsible for some extent, it is also responsible for three years’ weak monsoon and the prices of food products in the global market at the lower level.

It is worth noting that during the first term, the Modi government has announced an increase in the minimum support price (MSP) and tried to increase the annual income of the farmers. For this, the government has taken the total cost of the crop and making the basis of family labor based on MSP fixation.

But the impact of this declaration did not affect the farmers, because the price of most agricultural products in the market is 20 to 30 percent less than the fixed MSP. At the same time, the government did not encourage procurement on MSP as this purchase could not be harmed without public exchequer.

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